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The Other Side of the Camera

Working as a freelance creative professional, I find that there are two options for conducting myself and my business... I can (and often do) sit in my office all day, glued to my computer screen, fighting to keep up on emails, and keeping my networking strategies to the confines of the internet and "social" media.

OR I can get out there, meet people, network, collaborate, and occasionally lend other creative professionals a hand, hopefully, learning and growing in the process.  Which is why I was absolutely thrilled when my lovely friend Nikol Elaine put me in touch with lifestyle and travel photographer, Norma Cordova. Norma was shooting Sebastopol's new development, "The Barlow" for Napa Sonoma Magazine and she was short one model. Now, I'm no Miranda Kerr, but I'll do in a pinch. Enough chatter, on to the photos!



The day was a great success and a great time. It's nice to get out of our little boxes, do something different, and help others along the way. After all, you are truly only as strong as the network you create. Thank you to Norma, to Nikol, and to the whole team. I'd also like to extend a very special thank-you to my friend Michelle Carnes. Michelle is an incredible painter and an owner at the Counter Culture Art Haus, where she allowed us to do hair, make-up, and wardrobe for the shoot. It is also where we shot this last,  lovely image.