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Erin Rose Creative at FIDM SF Open House

Every quarter, FIDM (my alma mater) hosts an Open House for prospective new students to come explore the campus and the curriculum. Leaving no stone unturned, FIDM is also sure to provide these young people an additional resource: alumni. 

FIDM SF Campus

I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to spend my Saturday in San Francisco, sharing my work and my experience with these wide-eyed young people and (in many cases) their parents. I spent some time showcasing my website alongside recent print work. And I must add that I was tickled to see how greatly my work resonated with young people and their parents alike. 

But what I spent most of my day doing was answering questions that I can all-too-easily remember having, and watching scenes I can vividly remember living. I watched teenagers cringe as their parents asked me realistic questions about entering the job market after graduating. Likewise, I watched parents wince as their children seemed obviously ecstatic to fly the coop. 

Erin Rose Creative FIDM

Overall, it was a truly rewarding experience. I think (and hope) that I opened some parents' minds to letting their ambitious offspring follow their dreams. After all, it's not common that a seventeen-year-old knows exactly what they want to do! If they're passionate, I believe in supporting that. And even more-so, I think (and again hope) that I opened the minds of some young people to the idea that graphic design is more than just sitting at a computer all day. It's a life of creativity, brainstorming, and collaborating. It's making things that enrich other people's lives and businesses. And, it has the potential to pay the bills. Which is all mom ever really wanted to hear. 

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