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Guide to New Year's Resolutions + Goals for Small Business Owners

ERIN Rose Creative New Year Resolutions

1. BE REALISTIC - Your dreams are big, and as they should be! But achieving them is going to be an arduous task. You'll have to start with one foot in front of the other, so set your goals accordingly. If you set your immediate goals too high, you'll only get burnt out and discouraged. Give yourself time to learn and grow. Don't aim to make a million dollars if it's your first year in business. Aim to make a profit you can live on, and go from there.

2. BE SPECIFIC - If you take nothing else away from this post, remember this: if you want to achieve your goals and stick to your resolutions, you'll need to be specific. Create quantifiable benchmarks and tactics that you can stick to. For example, don't just set a resolution to 'be more efficient', but rather come up with a list of ways that you actually can become more efficient. Then, resolve to implement those tactics. Maybe it means you only answer emails for one hour in the morning and a half hour in the afternoon. Maybe it means you don't take any meetings on Fridays, so you can tie up loose ends. Maybe it simply means you plan your week of meals on Sundays, going to the market only once a week instead of every night on the way home (guilty). Whatever it means, be specific. It will make those goals more attainable.

3. SET MILESTONES - Guess what? You had to be specific about what your resolutions are. Now you'll need to be specific about when you'll implement them. Have a timeline. If you've come up with 4 ways to be more efficient, try implementing one per month. This will ease you into your new routine, and it will make you feel accomplished along the way. Plus, you'll be able to see the fruits of your labor as you adjust and change, which will make you more likely to continue implementing your new tactics. How rewarding!

4. START NOW - Seriously. The hardest part of achieving what you want is knowing what you want. So see? The hard part is over. Now get out there and make it happen! Procrastination will get you no where. The early bird catches the worm. There's no time like the present. Insert you favorite cliche here, but in any case make it happen! And start now!

Good luck and Happy New Year from Erin Rose Creative!